Jamie Dornan Are We Faced The Boy of The 2014?: The Campaigns The Show

We could say without anyone to take the hands to the head Jamie Dornan the boy of the year and is that which will become Christian Grey in the film of the famous book has aroused (and wake up) much expectation in the world of fashion and advertising where we’ll see with major firms.

All the bells are coming to us for this spring-summer 2014 and we can already say the actor is seen in campaigns as of Hogan or Ermenegildo Zegna. Do you know everything about it? We have you in Jezebel man!

Jamie Dornan, a complete man

Jamie relationship with fashion is not a product of chance or of his fame as an actor. This Northern Ireland began as a model working with Levis or Calvin Klein but it also made his foray into the world of music with his band “Sons of Jim”. Thanks to the relationship with these two Arts meet your agent and since then we have seen that both the small as on the big screen.

Dornan style this 2014

Is located in the filming of 50 shades of Grey and already the first looks of the film have reached us. Get into the skin of the successful character should not be easy but judging by the style, Jamie Dornan gives the size and much. I’ve not read the book, but do you think it will work in the paper?

His spring-summer 2014 in campaigns

As we said at the beginning, the actor and model has been very busy with the bells this spring starring. First of all, we got one that co-starred alongside Paolo Anchisi for Ermenegildo Zegna.

If you already itself the brand I like, even more since it’s Stefano Pilati, I think that the final result has been a success. Garments, the grooming of Jamie that beard, the hair… started well with spring!

But if you think not enough, will also see him alone for Hogan with great photos and a few outfits that we should take note what you think this costume? To my I love and look at the length of the pants do you dare with something as well?

And so far, for the time being with their campaigns this 2014. Insurance that will many more, not always has the luck (by brands), as well as actor, such as a model as he does. What did you think?