Is It The Passage of Terror? It Is Not, The Red Carpet of The Grammy Awards 2014

Since I’ve seen the photos from the red carpet of the Premios Grammy 2014, in my mind is repeated as a loop that song that said “Fear, tengo miedo…”. The only difference is that this time I have no fear of losing you, but rather to cross me with some of the guests in a dark alley.

It is better that the Grammy gala is more informal that of another type of awards and what that the protagonists are the artists musical allowed riskier looks. But from there to cause uncontrolled eye bleeding there is much difference. Cuantisimo brightness, cuantisimo impossible to print, cuantisimo dirty shoe. To weep.

Without going any further, Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, He decided to dazzle in their path. But literally. Inspired by a classic Christmas tree, it opted for a tuxedo lapels with details in brightness, with bow-tie game, metallic shoes and a gold pendant. And as not sufficiently called attention, settled a fedora so not be noticed leading without combing since 1995.

Marc Anthony, for its part, was inspired by a cockroach. Little more to add.

Keith Urban not only has little grace posing, they forgot to clean those boots of yours. About shirt baking nor will forgive. Nicole, daughter, to see if the next time helps you a bit with the styling.

What Steven Tyler It has screwed up face with so much surgery aesthetic is something that already does not frighten us. It is more, those white tuft of hair to the Cruella de Vil, either. But carrying a single white tuxedo worsened by those horrible shoes (to play with the hair) and those anillacos or Golum would like, makes me real terror.

Seem so to me or? Billy Crystal It did also something on the side? The case is so had to have done something with those shoes. Brown suede loafers with tassels for an event like this? And with costume? I cry.

The boys of 30 Seconds to Mars they looked great. Attention to those long jackets, pants and shirts, as well as in shoes. Jared Leto, What are you doing? With the rebonico you salías campaigns for Hugo. Cuantisimo you make me suffer.

And with these two, directly, I me araño face. Ryan Lewis with a horrific Tuxedo (with 8 RS) with printed giant pata gallo. There you take. And his colleague Slipknot with a tuxedo of Green Velvet, which I love, but some shoes gold by the fashion police should arrest him.

OK, Yes, the floral pattern is much, but I fear that Jesse McCartney He chose the ugliest throughout the store. Which desire to spoil a look.

That Yes, some give an approved…

Fortunately not all were horrors and there was one other who was well-dressed. That is the case of Neil Patrick Harris. OK, is supposed to an award ceremony it must bring tie or bow tie, but seen viso it, I’ll settle for that so discrete. Who does not convince me much is her husband, David Burtka, because of the dress. But well, it isn’t all bad.

Others that I like are Daft Punk. Removing space helmets, the tuxedo had like a glove. Look that up I will tolerate the shoes. A touch (but only one) of brightness is not bad.

That Yes, my favorite is Diego Boneta Thanks to that Purple velvet Tuxedo Jacket. Risky but impeccable. So, Yes.

Finally, I will mention to Andy Caldwell and that gray suit with lapels in contrast. Bravo for him.

Do you you think?