Installing Shower Walls Drywall

Get specific accessories to fit in for gypsum drywall structures formed

Opting for drywall walls means faster and without much dirt or physical effort work. Formed by galvanized steel and plasterboard, this structure keeps some secrets to the hydraulic system that goes through it to work properly. One of them is the installation of hydraulic accessories for drywall. Lighter than the parts used in traditional works, these auxiliaries also have specific designs such as holes for fastening with screws.

Fixing crosspiece

It plates containing holes to support the hydraulic components in drywall structures. For example, to install the built-in flush box, you need three sleepers measuring 60 cm. When installed together they guarantee a perfect fixation of the box.

Shower mixer

The basis of this product has two outputs, one for hot water and one for cold. At the time of the bath, the user chooses the optimal temperature, turning the two records at the same time to temper the water. To connect the piece to the sewage system, there is another way out of easy installation as welding.

Shower mixer tap with hot and cold water

This model hydraulic accessory for drywall, and contain the hot and cold water outlets designed for the shower, there are two outputs for use in another point of use. By installing this version mixer, you can mix the water temperature in both the shower like in a hygienic shower, for example. This product guarantees more convenience in the work, since you do not need to install two mixers at different points.

Pressure record

Model used to control the shower water flow or hygienic shower. For installation in drywall structures, the product is manufactured with holes to be fixed (screwed) in the structures of this type of wall.

Knee threadable
This is a piece that connects the shower pipe with plumbing hydraulic system. This product is easy to install as simply threading their bases and the job is done.

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