Inspiration From Firense China

There has been a lot of focus this summer at Pitti Uomo and our visit there. Now it’s soon time to round off this. With today’s text, however, we would like to offer a little inspiration from the fair’s perhaps happiest visitors, Zing Chen.

He owns the tailor’s Firense China located in Chinese Shenzen. In the region, which is located to the North of Hong Kong is lots of factories in the textile and fashion, and the likelihood that you have something at home that stitched in this area is quite large.

We met Zing in Florence for the first time and was struck by how fantastically well dressed he was, except that he was very happy and laughing constantly. Perhaps all done if they had his tailored wardrobe …

Zing confirms one thing that we’ve seen for a long time, namely that the Asians definitely is in the forefront when it comes to tailoring fashion. That South Korea has come a long way since before we knew as Japan. Hong Kong likewise with mostly stores The Armoury and the tailor WW Chan in the lead. Now even China on a wide front. Brio Beijing which is a world’s leading menswear shops are located in Beijing and run by George Wang and now even Firense China made entrance.  Click here for other countries in Asia.

Tailoring Clothing Fashion

Zing Chen in their atelier.

In addition to offering a superb tailoring with all that implies this is the Zing agent in China and sell products from Viola Milan. In his showroom are also sold suspenders from Albert Thurston, umbrellas from Fox Ltd. and leather goods from Frank Clegg.

Suspenders from Albert Thurston.

Umbrellas from Fox Ltd.

The price level is high to be in China, but low compared to what it costs in Europe. A completely hand-sewn bespoke suits in good European fabric starts at around 15 000. There has been no passing South of China as often as he travels to Shanghai and other cities for trunk shows.

Let you be inspired by his own photos where he wears skrädderiets products in a good way.

Really tasteful combination of tailored green höstkavaj light flanellbyxa and orange tie.