Innovative Furniture Materials

It is completely made of innovative materials such as glass or plexiglass, transparent glass case is perhaps the most successful modern nell’arredo model. It is a complement that owes its strength to its apparent immateriality.

Its transparency, allows you to camouflage it completely to the chosen wall, leaving on display only objects dearest to us.

It is a real decorative element for the walls of a modern home. An element with which to customize their homes, offering in every room a different exposure: ceramics in the kitchen; furniture in the living room; beauty products in the bathroom; photos and memories in the bedroom. This versatility is the basis of its success.

Change the forms, the storage compartments are changed, there are different finishes, different styles, but the charm of the transparent showcases remains unchanged.

Below are some of the top models on the market today.

Roomy, functional and perfect as CD holder, the model with shelves Squares SORA Shop.

It is a wall shelf, made ​​of high quality acrylic glass, composed of 5 to 3 shelves square shape files, on which are placing a large number of CDs and other objects, depending on the environment of the location and the needs .

Its external dimensions are around 50 cm in width, to 75 cm in height, 15 cm in depth. It has an expandable modular system that allows you to connect multiple racks to each other, making it more and more impressive exhibitions and valuable.

A decidedly modern complement, young, dynamic. The affordable price.

A glass cabinet from the ground, high, showy and large, but characterized by an image of lightness thanks to its structure all made ​​of transparent glass, the Model Movable on Wheels of Absvetrine.

It is a very functional addition, useful in the home but also in the office, in the shop … or in environments that make professional use.

This is because we are in the presence of a very large cabinet and at the same time easy to handle, equipped with 4 wheels coated in black rubber, non-slip and non-scratch, which facilitate the move. Two glass doors, with handle high brushed metal, giving access to well 5 shelves, which are also predominantly glass.

A modern and functional model. Adaptable to various environments in which the aesthetic component prevails practicality.

Definitely the most traditional glass cabinet with Metal Finishing in Gold color of Home. Cabinet is a type of furniture, see

Even in this case we speak of a cabinet from the ground, with black rubber feet, slip and scratch resistant for tiles. Its dimensions: 65 cm in height, to 40 cm wide by 30 cm deep.

The side walls, the upper and lower surfaces, the door front, the 2 interior shelves … the whole structure is made ​​of glass. The finish, however, are made ​​of gold-painted metal, and give this supplement a retro look very elegant.

A model that stands out for the excellent quality of the materials used. The perfect showcase to embellish rooms furnished in classic style, especially living rooms and bedrooms.