Infrared Remote Control to Manage from Our Mobile

After passing through our hands the URC Orvibo R1, on this occasion of the BroadLink manufacturer we have to examine the universal remote RM PRO. Both products are very similar to be remote control by infrared to manage from our Mobile Android or iOS.

Infrared Remote Control to Manage from Our Mobile

Containing the remote distance infrared control

Your universal remote RM-PRO in the tested version comes in a black box as you can see.

The content includes the universal remote, a USB cable and 5V 1A power adapter.

In addition to the manufacturer’s instructions, you attach instructions in Spanish so you can make the settings on an easier way.

At the bottom of the remote control you can see the serial number and more information facilitates the manufacturer as the CE certificate.

The power adapter has USB connector type A and an output of 5V / 1A.

So if you prefer you can connect it in a USB output if you don’t have 220V power where you want to use the remote control.

On one side of the universal remote control you have the reset button to delete the settings hold for 10 seconds while it is on.

Next to this button, you have the power connector Micro USB to connect the power supply.

Connect the remote control RM PRO is as follows

In the front of the remote control RM PRO appear the State showing the performance information.

The remote control is handled from your mobile phone

The first thing you should do is download the application e-control supplies BroadLink to handle the remote control. You can find it in playstore gone or AppStore from your iPhone or iPad.

It is a system that is very easy to use, since the own wizard will guide you. Just follow the steps on how to do the installation point by point.

When you enter the application after skip the part of the registry it will ask you the password for your WiFi network. This network will be connected your mobile and you are going to connect the universal remote control.

Last a few seconds the application will detect you the universal remote RM-PRO as eRemote. If several products will appear select the command like to configure.

This way the remote control will be recognized in the mobile application. Now just need to configure the controls and accessories you want to manage from the APP.

Keep in mind a same remote control infrared can handle different devices, for example, if you install it in your living room, you can handle any nearby device using an infrared remote control such as TV, dvd, air conditioning unit, heating, blinds….

Click on the Learn button to allow the application to recognize the remote control infrared want to add.

In our case we have chosen a unit of air conditioning, so we take the remote control and click on the button on to within 1 meter of the RM-PRO sensor.

Broadlink has a very extensive database with infrared of much of manufacturers codes.

Chances are that when you press the power button you recognize the model and all other controls work properly.

In this way you can manage your air conditioning anywhere from your mobile phone. Turning, turning and changing temperature from the mobile application.

Adjust temperature air conditioning broadlink

From remote remote control you can raise or lower temperature for example of an air conditioner.

If from the remote you modify any parameters such as temperature, in the APP this change not be reflected. Only at the time you modify the temperature from the remote control with your mobile phone will change the value. I.e. remote control does not receive the remote information in reference to the TV-set, air conditioning… If you change the temperature or channel.

How Android application works

If you need more information on how to implement remote control with Android or iOS, you can read the document at