Increasing Demand for Smartphones

Market researchers expect by 2015 worldwide record sales of 1.3 billion smartphones. In particular in the Asia Pacific region, the business buzzing.

More and more smart phones are sold worldwide – especially because the demand in Asia is booming. For the year 2015 total 1.3 billion devices expects a record sales according to the society for consumer research. 7

percent more than in the year before, are that the GfK announced on Thursday.

The Christmas shopping season in will once again drive the Smartphone sales. GfK forecast a demand plus 13 percent compared to the third quarter for the fourth quarter. From July to September were worldwide nearly 324 million devices have been sold (up 7 percent). Thus, the dealer achieved a turnover of $95 billion (up 6 percent).

Average prices of $ 300

Growth drivers were the Asia Pacific region, Africa, the Middle East and China. So rose the number of sold units by 40 per cent in India compared to the same period last year. The development, however, stagnated in Europe. Especially in Russia and Ukraine, the demand due to lingering political tensions by up to 19 percent was declined, the researchers reported. Sales shrank in the United Kingdom.

The average sales price of $300 remained unchanged compared to the year 2014. That was mainly because that in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe to increasingly cheaper smartphones will attack. For the coming year, consumer researchers expect that the market is once again soaring (forecast: plus 8 per cent). Especially in the Asia-Pacific countries, the Middle East and Africa market was steeped in little, at the same time, there is always cheaper smartphones are available, a GfK expert commented. (dpa) / (axk)