In Finland Sends Windows Phone, Is The Best Partitioned Market

Marketvisio, Finland, conducted market research presents some interesting facts, such as that it is a territory where the three main platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) are more matches than in any other place.

It really is a small (though moving 4,000 million euros), but special aftermarket to be the home of Nokia. Android, iOS and Windows Phone divide the cheese almost equal parts, with a slight advantage for the Microsoft operating system.

The emergence of several phones Nokia Lumia with more affordable prices is making Windows Phone go cropping land. Windows Phone has 35%, 33% Android, and iOS with 30%. These percentages correspond to the market shares of January to may of that year.

They tell us that in the business world is where Windows Phone has greater penetration, with 50% of the market share. Symbian, as expected, fades, even in Finland.