IFA 2015: Rugged Smartphone Cat s30 With Android 5.1

The cat S30 can take what: it is water- and dust-proof, can be operated with gloves and wet fingers and is protected against oil and grease. Price and features go there even reasonably.

The Bullit Group introduces 2015 the particularly rugged Android Smartphone Caterpillar cat S30 at IFA, which survived the falls, water, oil, grease and dust, but as is usual only moderately equipped with rugged phones–after all, it is with the current Android running 5.1, has LTE and costs less than the S40 in the cat from the same manufacturer.


The S30 is with klobiger 13 mm thickness and 181 grams of weight than standard smartphones. It is certified to IP68 – therefore dust- and waterproof for 60 minutes on a meter – and oil – and grease-resistant to MIL-spec 810 G, it should withstand falls from a height of 1.8 metres.

The display should be bright and easy to read in the Sun. It is operated from Gorilla glass and with wet fingers and gloves, that should work with any thick work gloves. The 3000 mAh battery should hold particularly long. Ambient temperature-25 ° C to 55 ° C are specified – normally the manufacturer limit it to about 0 ° C and at best a 35 ° C, what is quickly exceeded in direct sunlight or specifically as Navi in vehicles

LTE is available in all German bands, but the remaining facilities is moderately: the display only a TN Panel, no IPS – is 4.5 inches tall and shows 854 × 480 points. The processor (Qualcomm MSM8909) running at 1.1 GHz and has four cores, 11n Wi-Fi (single-band) are installed, a 5-MP-re and a 2 MP front camera. Especially lean fails the memory: 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB Flash, at least there’s a MicroSD slot. The cat S30 will be available for 330 euros now.

Better equipped and more expensive: Cat S40

The manufacturer also shows the still somewhat new Cat S40 with same robustness and slightly larger display: 4.7 inch 960 × 540 points in IPS technology. The Flash memory is 16 GB, the remaining facilities is the S30. The cat S40 is available for around 430 euros. (jow)