IFA 2015: New Archos LTE Smartphones With Android And Windows 10 Mobile

The 5-inch Smartphone ARCHOS S diamond to score fusion storage and a price of 230 euros with AMOLED display, memory expansion. At the IFA, ARCHOS Bilig smartphones with Android and Windows 10 also shows mobile.

The French manufacturer of Archos shows mobile on the IFA’s new smartphones with Android and Windows 10.

The Archos Diamond S has a 5-inch display with strong color AMOLED technology and runs on Android 5.1. The company as already with other devices by ARCHOS deploys its software “Fusion Storage” this, that summarizes the internal storage of 16 GB and the inserted microSD card to a common location. Therefore, app data can be potentially better outsource – an ongoing problem that is differently designed by Android version for Android version on the SD card. How accurate and good Android 5.1 and fusion storage to work, is you can only check on a test device.

Even if ARCHOS speaks of a high-end Smartphone for 230 euros, the remaining hardware sounds more like solid middle class. So the company deploys an and 2 GByte RAM a Mediatek-Octacore processor with 1,5 GHz clock rate. Resolves the display with 1280 × 720 pixels, the dual-SIM slot supporting LTE. The two cameras to resolve with 16 and 8 megapixels. 8.4 millimeters in thickness and weight of 118 grams, the unit shall be relatively slim and light. Archos will bring the Smartphone in Germany in November 2015 on the market.

Beginner devices for 130 euro

Two more Smartphone innovations from ARCHOS are hardware and priced rather at the lower end. The 50 cesium and the ARCHOS ARCHOS 50e helium both 130 euros and are further development of Archos’ one dough series. While the devices are themselves almost identical, they differ primarily in the operating system: 50 cesium Windows to running to the market launch in November 10 mobile, on the 50e helium Android 5.1. Like the diamond S has also the 50e installed the Speichererweiterungs software fusion storage.

With a 5 inch large IPS display, a Snapdragon 210 with 4 x 1.1 GHz, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB expandable Flash memory, one should expect no too big jumps. After all, the two devices LTE and dual-SIM slot on board – in this price range have rather unusual. (acb)