IDC Android Market Share

I’m a bit mixed on the tablet market data coming from the various credit bureaus: a week ago we reported that Android was reaching Apple, with the two separated by just 4.8% in advantage of the Apple; According to IDC instead the scenario is quite different. Android is the undisputed leader of the tablet market, with a 56.5% of market share, compared to 39.6% of Apple. This was possible due to a growth of robot from year to year surprising, which resulted in 3 and a half times the number of units shipped, compared to Q1 2012. Even Apple has not been watching, increasing volumes of 65.3%, but not quite precisely to contain the rise of Android. Significant in its own way, even the + 700% Windows, which basically started from scratch, and now ranks in third place, but far from the first two steps of the podium.

It is worth noting another thing in the IDC data, i.e. the significant overall growth in the sector tablet, that between 2012 and 2013 Q1 Q1 grew by 142.4%. In short, it is a thriving market, which produces increasing volumes, and where Android is once again a leader (more or less): at this point we only hope that the public’s interest and objective growth of the number of devices to be able to make the Green robot the leap already made in the smartphone arena.The iron is hot, and there would be no reason for not calcarlo properly.

But let’s take a look before closing to the manufacturer:

Apple as you see is lonely driving, followed by Samsung with a value virtually halved: whereas the latter together with Asus and Amazon doesn’t even reach to tap the number the number of units shipped from Apple, it is clear that the key to success of Android is in those 15.5 million units shipped by “others”, i.e. minor producers , those who make the models less than fame but cheaper.

Let us not be so fooled by the overall prevalence of Android in tablet market: Apple has the numbers that thanks to a model of undoubted quality as iPad, Android has them on large retailers, but it’s still no real role models, and for being a true leader not only numbers, otherwise the clientele you will perceive only as “cheap alternative” and not the papabile first choice that is the real aim of those who want to dominate the market