Hysterical Pregnancy: Understand Why It Happens And How To Avoid It

The woman has the same symptoms of pregnancy, but the uterus is empty. Learn how to identify and avoid this situation

Absence of menstruation, nausea, weight gain, the volume of breasts and abdomen. These are the main signs that indicate that a woman is pregnant. But are also the symptoms of pregnancy .

The pseudociese (pseudo = false/kyesis = pregnancy), better known as hysterical pregnancy, occurs when the woman, by several psicofisiológicas, presents the same symptoms of pregnancy. “However, the uterus is empty”, highlights the clinical psychologist Andrea Lorena.

Mariane Corbetta, gynaecologist and Maternity Hospital Santa Brígida, Curitiba (PR), points out that the pseudociese is a pregnancy that happens without physiological basis in a real fertilization and conception. “There is a concept, a fetus. There was no fertilization, “he says.

The gynecologist adds that pseudociese (hysterical pregnancy) is quite rare, especially nowadays. “Is more or less as 1 for every 22,000 pregnant women”.

Causes Of Psychological Pregnancy

Mariane explains that, for the most part, the pseudociese is related to a woman with difficulty getting pregnant and big social or psychological pressure (“desire”). “In addition to a Constitution and psychological difficulties to deal with setbacks,” he says.

Psychologist Andrea points out that the pseudociese is given by a deep internal conflict between the desire to become pregnant and some internal impediment of getting it or the intense fear of pregnancy.”In other situations, occurs when the woman is facing successive attempts to get pregnant, but without success,” he adds.

Who Can Develop The Pseudociese?

Mariane explains that any woman with a psychological situation or life with a higher pressure than your psyche can handle to endure and cope can develop the hysterical pregnancy. “Some already have a psychic incipient issue. A sensitive and prone to psychic disarray “, explains gynecologist.

Andrea adds that the frame is associated in most cases with psychological problems, sexual and/or psychological trauma.

Symptoms Of Hysterical Pregnancy

Mariane explains that the symptoms of pseudociese are the symptoms of a normal pregnancy, but without the fetus.

Absence of menstruation;




Weight gain;

Increase in the volume of the breast;

Increase in the volume of the abdomen;

Can the appearance of milk in the breasts.

Is There Treatment?

Mariane explains that with the methods and diagnostics of pregnancy more accurate and immediate today, is made the demonstration for the woman of the absence of intrauterine pregnancy image.

However, this is not always enough to convince the wife, because your body “shows” that she is pregnant. Therefore, it is necessary, as it adds the gynecologist Mariane, a psychological monitoring to support the issue of mental fragility psychic this woman.

Andrea points out that psychotherapy is the most appropriate treatment in this case because it is a psychological manifestation.

How To Avoid The Hysterical Pregnancy

Andrea explains that it is important that women look for psychological support at the time of planning for pregnancy or unsuccessful attempts or, if you have fear of pregnancy. “For that, thus, the insecurities and doubts as to the role of mother to be worked during the psychotherapeutic process,” he says.

Mariane points out that, in order to avoid the hysterical pregnancy, you need a more careful attention to the integral health of women. “Women today have not only the life question function of motherhood. In addition, the medicine has many ways to help those who wish to really get pregnant and cannot, with sterility treatments. A good psycho-social support is the best way to prevent a woman come to that extreme psychological imbalance “, explains gynecologist.

In summary, follow then the main guidelines of how to avoid the hysterical pregnancy:

Search for psychological support during planning of pregnancy;

Seek psychological help after unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant;

Seek counseling if you have fear of getting pregnant, to clarify all doubts about being a mother;

Recognize that women do not have as single motherhood role;

Search for specific treatments to get pregnant if you are finding it difficult to do so.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the hysterical pregnancy is a framework that requires patience and the support of all the family and friends of the woman so that she recovers in the best possible way.