Humidifier and Air Purifier At The Same Time

Air conditioners and humidifiers are responsible for the thermal comfort of the spaces.

Dry weather and poor air quality are an invitation to the onset of respiratory problems, allergy symptoms and eye irritation. This condition, in extreme cases, even increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases. To alleviate these hardships and have more pleasant temperatures in the home environment, consider investing in air handling equipment such as the air conditioner and humidifier.

Check out some tips to get the product that best meets their needs and understand the difference between them.


Its responsibility is to let more humid air and thus improve their quality. The humidifier has versions with different capacity reservoirs. Before taking the equipment for the home, consider the location of the size where it will be installed. A two-liter model can humidify, for example, an environment of 30 m². Each manufacturer indicates the ideal space for the humidifier to operate more efficiently. The device has the function of humidifying the air, different from the air conditioner – which, among its utilities, lessens or increases the temperature of the room.

Climate control

If you want a complete unit, which cools and heats the room, and filter the air and make it more purified, purchase an air conditioner. The device lowers the temperature of the room and humidifies the air due to evaporation of water placed in a casing. The responsible for maintaining the heated environment, in turn, is installed inside the resistance of the product. In up to 30 m² environments, the device will have great performance.

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