Huawei MediaPad X2 Review

It’s been a while unnoticed during the presentation Huawei, maybe because the company preferred to push this year for the sector wearable. The fact is that during the event sponsored by the Chinese manufacturer has appeared also a rather interesting product, called Huawei MediaPad X 2. Technically it is a tablet, given the screen diagonal equal to 7 inches but probably having regard to its telephone capacity the manufacturer sees it more as a kind of phablet, as an evolution of Ascend Mate 7.

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Huawei MediaPad X 2 is a tablet (or phablet, if you prefer) from 7 ″ with dual SIM slots LTE phone capability: we are in fact faced with a rather peculiar product, which proves to be alsopleasing aesthetically and rather light. Unfortunately at the moment we do not know what will be the price of the two variations (one 16 GB/2 GB of RAM, a 32 GB/3 GB memory) nor time and places of commercialization. Stop gabbin’ thus: while waiting for more details from Huawei take a look at the footage on our hands-on and Gallery with photographs of him. Good vision, we are waiting for you in the comments for your first impressions!