Rare is the day that does not become something new of H & M, Indeed, rare is the time we have no news of this chain, but hey today comes a new wave of looks and clothing that we have to take into account for this spring.

We are sure that you have the same desire I good weather and new proposals so today we will take a look at this loaded with basic casual Lookbook Are we going there?

Shirts for all tastes

First we do a review of shirts that H & M offers us the spring. Blue Queen among these proposals eclipsed only by the white or red when it comes to build patterns.

And if you want Blue…

Here you have it on all the pieces, it is a very resorted heat at this time, taking over the navy and allying with tissue Denim to satisfy our daily looks.

Classic who knows

I loved the Biker It is accompanied with other basic Chinese trousers, sweatshirts or basic shirts. In addition, the options come loaded with add-ins that want to join us for our spring walks.

The casual and sports want to conquer us

Sweatshirts on shirts, again the Red big occupies part of the looks and all meets to make us very comfortable weekend. This selection I really like shoes, sober and very practical.

What did you think? This selection does not go anything beyond basic, it may seem boring but safe that we can sign more than one garment of the proposal.