HTC Weather, New Update with Bug 

HTC released in past hours a new version of weather (7.01.635222) that fixes the crashing problems highlighted in the previous release. Remains valid following the link at the end post for download.

HTC has always devoted great attention to the aspects of its smartphone software and, for many months, is carrying out the renovation of the core app UI Sense, available as a standalone app and therefore more easily updatable.

Unfortunately, does not always get everything right, and sometimes updates introduced with the aim of improving the performance introduces the side effect of bringing out more or less significant bugs and instability. In the last few hours that circumstance has occurred in connection with HTC Weather app dedicated to integrated weather forecast, access natively in HTC Sense.

As reported by the developer at LlabTooFeR, if you usually use the app, you should not upgrade released in past hours (the one dated 11 October), because its setup determines crash being updated weather information. We have personally verified the existence of the bug on our One M9 (see picture at the end of the post).

Those who have already downloaded the latest update can uninstall this app tab in the store waiting for a new update corrective.