HTC Nexus 8 Release Date

What you see in the opening could be the new HTC Nexus 8. Or not. The source says he is certain that those images which provided are actually a Nexus 8 and actually we have no reason not to believe him, nor do we have to give him confidence to 100%.

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The tablet is coated with a protective cover that hides the design and therefore any speculation on this is totally unnecessary. The most relevant information is that the tablet was “pushed” from Android 4.5 (although the name is unconfirmed, is meant by 4.5 the next version of Android) and the processor was a 64-bit model. The data is very interesting, but it’s hard to guess what the exact CPU. Snapdragon 808 and 810 are not expected before mid-2015, making us lean towards an Intel CPU (the first devices have already been submitted), as already suggested in the past. The Google I/O is approaching and with him prepare to be sommesi of leake and rumors. Not always completely attentibili and verifiable.