HTC Latest Tablet 2015

@Upleaks is a very cryptic one that provides us with new information about the upcoming HTC tablet: the company of Taiwan had already admitted to wanting to produce new tablets this 2015, after returning with Nexus 9 in late 2014, so there is nothing new, but since we had most heard here is the latest information.

HTC Latest Tablet 2015

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According to @upleaks the tablet will be great as more or less like Nexus 9, so it should have a screen about 9 inches. Despite claims that will be based on the latest tablet Nexus, thefeatures will changeas it does mean “but” after proclaiming on dimensions, followed by an ellipsis.

The last piece of information then to the availability (or the date of filing?) with an iconic “you will not see in Q1 2015”: date postponed to September or even later for the great return of HTC Sense interface tablet with its own sector.

HTC Tablet News 2015

The Nexus 9 marked the return in the field tablet by HTC that at this point it seems determined to stop and look with confidence to the 2015: Jack Tong, President of the Asian section of the company, reveals that in 2015 will come new tablet, but don’t expect anything cheap (except for egregious discounts ).

According to, the tablet increasingly large 7 inch tablet market took off, and for this reason HTC will focus its efforts on the attention to detail that has often characterized, trying to carve out a market share at the high end.

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We are curious to see what will HTC, which must adapt its Sense for larger displays and implement features that convince users to choose its products