How to Wear Men’s Bracelets

Jewelry for men is reduced only to cufflinks and watches for a long time. Now, many brands offer a large selection of male jewelry. The favorites include well obviously the bracelet, which remains one of the simplest to wear for the gente accessories men’s. Here are a few tips for choose and wear his bracelet according to his style.

Rope bracelet and leather strap are ideal accessories for men looking for a gem casual to go with their look, or to accompany an outfit a little more chic.

The advantage is that there are many models for man of different forms – twisted or not-and different color. So we may well decide to carry a unique, matching the color of her outfit, or opt for the trend of last year: the accumulation of bracelets to the wrist, known as stacking, which Kanye West-often cited for its original look – is particularly adept. In this case, you should not hesitate to play with colors by opting for bracelets that will remind the charms and holiday.

And jewelry for men, the choice is more broad! Many shops of ready-to-wear and online shops for men offer jewelry styles at affordable prices. The Tanaxossite, which is specialized in the online sale of jewellery for men, offers a large selection of bracelets of string to be matched, but also in leathers and fabrics.

What bracelet for a more chic outfit?

Certainly, the bracelets of rope and leather, particularly trends in recent years, fits all clothing styles. But for men looking for a chic and discreet jewelry for special occasions, or to get to work, the classic bracelet steel or tungsten bracelet remain safe values.

Indeed, a bracelet steel or tungsten-you can choose tinted or not-will bring more class to a classic work dress. For example, we can wear it with jeans, a suit jacket, and shirt sleeves slightly raised to reveal the jewel. You then have to choose between the bracelet in steel or tungsten bracelet. Tungsten carbide bracelets are usually more expensive because it is a very resistant material. Better to turn to such a model when you want to be able to keep the jewel on itself on a daily basis without the risk of damaging it. They are also brighter than steel bracelets. Check buying tips on

Side chic trend, also include resin, very simple to use material that comes in bracelets, rings or pendants. The resin necklaces can play on transparency effects.