How to Wear Cuff Bracelet

A jewel imposing that dress up your wrist

  • The cuff bracelet is a fairly large piece that surrounds the wrist.
  • The advantage is that this jewel dress wand turn your basic outfits.
  • The cuff bracelet is part of these jewels with which you noticed for sure.
  • But beware, bijoux Natasha, no room for vulgarity.

Your embroidered cuff is certainly impressive but remain elegant and seductive at all times thanks to the subtlety of the mix of color and brilliance.

How to Wear Cuff Bracelet
A jewel that is self-sufficient
The advantage of a large gem, it’s that he is self-sufficient.

If, nevertheless, you want to wear other jewelry with your embroidered cuff, opt for more fine jewelry or so for big earrings, but not necklace or pendant.

Avoid, at risk to give a “convict” look: the headline on each wrist.

A gem which accentuates the style of your dress

Natasha-bijoux bracelets headlines are pearls embroidered on of the faux leather. The choice of colors and rhinestone cabochons give a glamorous and elegant style to jewelry. In bright light, the multitude of beads is reflected for rendering ultra bright and festive.
On a daily basis, I recommend you to wear your cuff bracelet on the sleeve of a fine sweater or blouse. On a classic work dress, the headline gives a quirky side and girly at your pace and brings out your true personality.
The headlines are also elegant with three-quarter sleeves.

In this case, choose instead a thin cuff to subtly dress up your front arm stripped without Pack your silhouette.

A wonderful evening accessory

Like pearl bracelet jewelry on Bridgat, the embroidered cuff bracelet is also a wonderful evening accessory. The brilliance of pearls gives you a look even more glamorous and festive. It is the essential jewel for you to notice any subtle.

Tip+: embroidered cuff draws all eyes to your hands, so pay attention to your manicure. Play her natural, moisturizing your hands and choosing some nail polish to natural and sober colours.