How to Use Drawer for Storage

Drawers help organize the rooms and still make up the decoration of spaces.

Everything is in order! This little expression can arouse a great relief for anyone who likes organization indoors. Do you find it is hard to achieve and maintain this? It’s because you do not know the usefulness of the drawers.

These key pieces allows for storage of many items from documents to clothing, as well as being an important element in the decoration. The mobile can be installed in the room, the room, bathroom, kitchen, or office.

For each environment, it is recommended that one type of material should be placed together. Check out the main options:

Elegance and modernity

The wooden drawers are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms or offices. Some models have wheels for easy mobility and transport from one environment to another. Therefore, this mobile is also well suited to be your drawers for optimal closet, as it allows easy handling when you need to get some intimate part, accessory or clothing.

When you purchase your drawer, check what type of wood it is manufactured, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard – medium density wood fiber board) or MDP (Medium Density Particleboard – medium density particle board). Discover what the differences between these versions are.

Strength and charm

Both plastic drawers can be used in any household environment, especially in the service area and the kitchen, since the materials are more resistant to moisture and fat. The plastic models are available in several sizes. Because it is lighter, it allows the use directly on the floor or on top of other furniture if you want to save space. The drawers decorated with children, ideal subjects can compose the room small and let those more organized and recreational environments.

The steel drawer draws attention by its decorative power. The designs of these models and colors transform any space in the highlight of the house. This drawer is available in several colors, one more beautiful than the other. There are options with two, three and four drawers and heights and widths for you to acquire the model that best suits your needs.

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