How to Use Corsets

The use of the corset with the purpose of reduction measures has been widely sought by women, since they confer a new and very attractive silhouette.

How to Use Corsets

So, here are some precautions to take with the play and guarantees your integrity for longer:

Nowadays, the corset back with everything for the female wardrobe, looking to provide a more upright women, which leaves your most desirable appearance, along with waist shaping for a silhouette curve anymore. However, not only just for the momentary issue to get out of the house, there is a practice that aims to refine the female waist of a final form and healthy, without the need of removal of ribs and surgeries. So, know what it is and what are the models for Tight Lacing corsets:


The tight lacing is a practice that consists in the gradual use of the corset to the reduction measures. However, before you start the practice is necessary to consult a doctor and also be a fan of physical exercises in order not to compromise the structure of the body. Without exercise, all localized fat did come down, forming a small roll of fat around the hips.

The practice of tight lacing should begin with the use of 2 hours or 4 hours for anyone who has familiarity with the piece, being always 2 hours plus more by the acceptance of the body. The prediction is that in the same month in which they use the corset for 8 consecutive hours, at least 4 cm in circumference are already eliminated.

A woman can get up to 20 hours per day of use of the corset, and can use it also to sleep. However, this requires at least 3 months of adaptation and not tight the corset to not have problems during sleep.

Care and how to use

As well as the entire piece, it is essential to take care of the corset. That is, use them with a liner (special cotton knit to decrease the friction with the skin) and leave your corset out of the wardrobe for a few hours before storing it after use.

Avoid washing it, but by the time necessary, soak the piece gently and with the help of a brush pass coconut soap neutral, letting it dry naturally and preferably on hot days, so they dry faster. Never wring the garment, only tighten in the direction of the fins to remove the excess water. For models in varnish or leather, just pass a damp cloth.


The models for tight lacing corsets are always the Victorian underbust waist or chinchers, which resemble belts and allow greater compression of the body without damage. The overbusts models, covering the bust and back, are the most suitable for parties and other events, because if you use them for tight lacing, besides not being comfortable, can avoid the breath because they are too big and the aesthetic function.