How to Use a Router As an Extender

One of the most important parts of a wood construction is its finish. With it you can create an identity for the piece, making it more elegant and unique. And to develop finished furniture such as grooves, moldings, carvings, bevels, fittings or rounded details, there is a specific tool called router.

In the market we found some variations, and it is important to find the one most suited to your needs.

– Column: Made to be operated with both hands, this router offers a precise regulation and greater security in the operation.

– Laminator: Its main function is rolled cranky.

– Tabletop: Fixed under a bench, this router is suitable for execution of large works, such as doors, windows and countertops. Often used in joinery.


Cutters.  Each mill has a purpose suit your need of finishing.

Parallel Guide: Used to perform parallel channels in the play.

Jig Guide: Used to copy channel models.


– Because it is a heavy and precision equipment, it is recommended to always hold them with both hands.

– To avoid losing control of the machine the ideal is to use the cutter in the opposite direction.

– Always use protective equipment.

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