How to Store Quartz Watches

In this article we want to help all our readers to understand how to preserve quartz watches, so they are perfectly accurate at all times. I’m really into so many people who are dedicated to the world of watches and love to collect them in your own home. We know that each of us, at home, has definitely a clock, which keeps us especially, both for sentimental value, both for the economic value that the Watch has. It happens that many times, because of their importance, and in order not to ruin them, are left in safe for months or even years. In this guide we will see how to store them properly in order to have them always ready and in good condition. Ready to start? Good work and have fun!

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  • safe

The first thing we must know is that the quartz watches are now widely available in the market, thanks to its accuracy and excellent performance, with relatively affordable costs. There are very cheap quartz watches, which can safely be used every day, to work, to play sports, or in free time, and there are others very precious and expensive, worn only on special occasions, and that for the rest of the year are closed in safe.

It is precisely the latter that we want to turn our attention. The battery of a watch, as well as any other kind of batteries, when they tend to run down, set in motion a chemical mechanism, which will lead to acid leakage, which is typically contained in them, to make them work. Battery acid is highly corrosive and can easily ruin all the mechanisms of sports watch featured on

To avoid this, and to avoid having to waste our precious clock inexorably, to which we are particularly attached to various factors and aspects, it is strictly necessary, try to keep it well guarded, but remembering to remove the battery. In this way, moreover, we must know that we will be able to prevent all the wear of gears, which otherwise would be easier if the watch was kept active all the time. Following this method, therefore, we will certainly rest assured: our clock do not mess up ever! As we can see just very little, to put into practice the DIY method, which will help us to realize with our hands, something very unique and also very original and interesting!