How to Replace the Crown of a Watch

Servicing a watch, especially if it is a very expensive model, it is critical to ensure your beautiful accessory to always be in perfect working order, but also consistently clean and shiny. It may happen that some parts of the watch due to wear and time, must be changed because they can no longer perform their function properly. If the watch fails or you need to replace a few pieces, it is vital that you are able to do it yourself, otherwise if you are unfamiliar, you should take it to a watchmaker. To act yourself, you’ll just have to use the right tools and products using the watch in an appropriate manner with the suitable tools. This guide provides some simple steps on how to replace the Crown of a clock.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • small screwdriver, small forceps, a knife for smooth blade not rough.

The first thing you should do before replacing the Crown of your watch is to arm yourself with all the appropriate pliers to do this, which is very thin and extremely small pliers. You will also need a smooth blade with which you will need to unhook the rear case that protects the internal mechanism. To do this it is important to be very gentle, otherwise you risk damaging and pull the edge of the case itself. For this operation, a knife very filed in hard plastic, would be ideal.

In some models the rear case unscrewing in a very simple (usually this happens in more expensive models). This category of watches is still delicate, and if you’re not particularly experts don’t do it with your hands, rather than incurring a sure deterioration of the situation. After removing the protective case, take the screwdriver and loosen the retaining screw. Obviously you are considering a commercial watch and not fancy. In these categories of watches, simply hold the retaining screw loose and pull very gently the Crown including tree.

Be sure to replace the Crown by screwing it in the tree and, at this point, you can re-enter the tree back into its place. It is important that this process is done with great delicacy and prudence to avoid moving other pieces of the clock and the breaking of the same. Once the tree was placed perfectly to your quarters, you can tighten the retaining screw and reassemble the back case. Read for vintage watches.


Never forget:

  • Try to be careful and gentle.