How to Remove Stains from Cashmere Sweater

A beautiful cashmere, we want to wear it all the time. The problem is that then the risks of staining increase greatly! It is therefore necessary to know how to react in case of misfortune…

Because cashmere is a natural material, most stains start to wash. Yes, it may seem surprising, but cashmere is very resistant to stains of wine, fatty sauces or ink! However, be careful and follow certain rules to ensure that the stain disappears completely. It’s not because your cashmere sweater is tough that it can deal with all the assaults!

1. For efficient cleaning, act quickly!

Oh yes ! The sooner you act, the better your chances of getting a bad spot going!

As a first step, please remove your cashmere sweater immediately: this advice is important because a worn sweater will tend to be wetter-due to the natural sweat of your body-and will therefore be better able to absorb deeply A foreign matter.

Then, try to remove excess foreign matter with a spatula or the back of a knife blade. With a little luck, this will be enough to cause the stain to go to 90%.

It will then be necessary to clean as quickly as possible your sweater, because a spot that has time to encrusted in your mesh, then to dry, will be much more difficult to make leave. Two possibilities are offered.

2. Option 1: Wash by hand, gently

To clean your pull, please put shampoo on the stain and then do the washing (for more information, read our tips: How to Clean a cashmere sweater in hand?).

Attention: we advise you not to soak your sweater for too long in the basin, nor to rub, because your important sweater could be felted (refer to; Gently mix your cashmere without twisting the stitch. You should quickly notice the disappearance of the stain.

Finally, gently squeeze your cashmere sweater, then dry it flat, away from a source of heat and away from the sun.

Unfortunately, the stain may persist… In this case, we advise you to contact a professional directly.

3. Option 2: Bring your sweater to dry cleaning

We remind you that in normal times, your cashmere sweater needs water to become more beautiful and soft, and so it should not be brought to dry cleaning; However, when a stain is persistent, dry cleaning may be an excellent solution.

Indeed, your cleaning specialist will probably have the know-how and the experience to make leave your spot without damaging the mesh of your cashmere.