How to Reduce Heat in the Tent

Camping is popular in the summer not only for campers. Whether from a stationary awning or a trip tent is a problem is generally given in the summer. Guess you which already? Yes, the heat in the tent can be at times unbearable. While there are some ways to mitigate the heat.

Awnings protect from heat

As permanent campers at a campground you have a decisive advantage in the fight against the heat. Exactly, there is talk of the power. If you follow some tips in addition, you can use the tent at any temperature.

  • The fan is an important part of the camping gear for the summer.As permanent campers or guests of the tent on a campsite you have usually have the possibility to use electricity. The fan brings the air in the tent on the move, so that you will find this cooler.
  • Also a damp towel which you place over the fan helps to lower the temperature.
  • Goes into the summer often, to keep doors and Windows closed during the hours of sunshine.This is to prevent that does not warm air into the rooms.You may not follow this advice in a tent. Air, if possible, throughout the day.Fresh air is but fresher than the hot, stale air in the tent are not necessarily as cooler perceived effect.
  • If you already have a fixed place in a campsite and set up the tent on atrailer, you should worry about the expansion of the tent. A lining inside the tent protects not only against the cold in winter, but keeps a large portion of the heat in the summer. The heat in the tent is so consistently more bearable.

Cotton tent properly use – so it goes

Cotton tents are heavy as tents of synthetic fibres and by impregnation.

  • In the early morning and late evening hours, it is advisable that you ventilate thoroughly.To do this, open the door like all window. In the kitchen area of the tent of before you can open the Windows often by zippers.
  • Have you ever thought about a roof?Older tents are protected by putting up a roof from moisture. But also heat held off the roof.

Avoid heat tent

Travel camping there are serious price differences. Usually, these differences related to the material used. If you want to camp more often, consider buying a higher quality tent. Instead of waterproof tent fabric, high quality tents are from a type of microfiber, which holds moisture and rain, but allows a certain air exchange.

  • If you can camp at a campsite and use electricity, the heat in the tent can be a fan prevent.
  • Without electricity, it is more difficult.On festivals is repeatedly complained about the heat in the tent. Applies also here: air, whenever it is possible.
  • Maybe your tent has two inputs and outputs.In this case, you can reduce the temperature inside the use of Threading.
  • If your tent has no additional inner fabric that runs underneath the tent fabric, you will receive a barrier against the heat by an awning toughened-up.
  • To do this, tension the sail over the tent.Alternatively, you can relax also towels or thin blankets. This, it is important that you leave about 10 cm clearance between the tent and the new roof.
  • Wet towels on the outside of the tent will also lower the temperature.
  • One way love used at festivals, consists of insulation blankets.You know these covers from the first aid kit in your car. One side is silver, a gold-tone. If you fix the slides with the silver side upwards on the tent, they hold a part of the rays.

Basically of course that you set up your tent in the shade if possible. The best already, ask if you can reserve a parking space in advance is by booking the space. Many vendors agree to for a small extra charge.