How to Put on a Tie Pin

Tired of your tie fly everywhere? Use a tie-pin. Also known as pins or tie tacks, a tie pin will hold your tie around your shirt, preventing you from looking disheveled. Tie pins are often themed, which makes it a great way to show your love for your company, your political party, or your favorite sports team. tie pins can be a bit difficult to use at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.


1 Look at your tie pin. There should be two parts: the pine, which will appear on your tie, and the base, which the spindle support at one end and a metal cross on the other. Both ends are held together with a string.

2 Start the process with your shirt and tie already.

3 Unbutton a button on your shirt. This button should be near the middle of your tie or slightly lower.

4 Fit the metal cross-member to the end of the chain pin-based tie through the button hole.

5 Button on the button. You should now have the base that came out of the slot.

6 Insert the pin through both the front and rear of the tie and the pin support. Be sure to place the pin at the key or the chain may break. Gently pull the tie before placing the pin so the tie will not bow outward. Set the pin if it is bent.


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