How to Put My Cell Phone in Portuguese?

In the world of smart phones that offer great flexibility to its users, it has become incredibly easy to set up your cell phone to display all the information in the language you desire. Although the device may come with a default language, especially when purchased outside of Brazil , you can always set it up for your choice by following these easy steps.

How to Put My Cell Phone in Portuguese?

The mobile settings menu

Although the steps to do this can vary from brand to brand and from template to template, start from the Settings menu on your mobile. Go to Settings, then select Phone settings from the available options. This option may not be available on all models, but you can easily find similar option there.

Looking for languages ​​/ languages

Now look at the language option there and select it. Note that this option may be present directly there in the Settings menu also depending on the model. Find the language that you want the default language to be, and press Activate / OK to complete your work.

Following a pattern

These steps were dictated keeping in mind the common operating system model of a cell phone. They may vary depending on the make and model. For help on a specific model, a specialized service can be searched for.

My cell phone does not have Portuguese as its language. What should I do?

Some devices may not have Portuguese as one of the standard languages ​​in the system. This is rare, but in case it happens, you can choose to search for a ROM that is in your language or wait for a ROM for your country to be released. But beware of the installation: only do it if you are 200% sure of what you are doing.

An easy way to solve the problem

The first time you turn on your phone, you can choose the language of the operating system. And it is easy to choose, because the name of the language is in the native language of those who choose the language. Any questions? Having trouble changing the language on your mobile device? Post your problems and questions in the comment space below!