How to Match a Houndstooth Jacket


Does anyone think the pied de poule is born in France. Instead the origins are Scots. The first information dates back to 1800. The shepherds wore to keep warm in the winter. The two original colors are black and white. Today they are carded wool clothing, black and blue, or purple and Fuchsia. To match the jacket with classic colors, we can decide the pants to “Crow’s foot” of the same color. For some solid white one is more chic. The tutorial explains how to attach accessories.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Houndstooth jacket not necessarily black and white.
  • White or black leather pants.
  • Sports bags and leather boots.
  • Boots with chunky heel.
  • White shirt or cardigan.
  • Red coat or shoes.
  • Bag yellow ochre or Canary.

As an alternative to trousers in wool worsted and light, we choose black leather leggings. Here we match it with a pair of biker boots. Complete the look with a white shirt, a classic cut. If you have wide hips, is better a oversized wool cardigan . It’s definitely more comfortable travel to the Office with jeans. If they are clear, the pied de poule, gives us an elegant and at the same time jaunty air.

Leather accessories are good not only for women. In recent years in walkways, we looked at the men paraded with shuttle jackets and leather goods. For a sensual evening girls, prefer shoes in yellow ochre or Canary. A Burgundy coat with an additional splash of color to the picture. The important thing is not to exceed with contrasting colors. Dark skirt and stockings are the height of elegance! The ladies love this retro style reminiscent of the years ‘ 50. The jacket matched a red Cardigan with rib british. For teens the miniskirt is not a problem, especially if they have tapered legs.

This fabric of Scottish origin with a characteristic design, is not out of date for making jackets. If the paintings are larger than normal, take a cue from a magazine. The bon ton dress is really pretty when worn with shoes and chunky heel. For a spring wedding, a little black dress is not only beautiful but also comfortable. We complete the clothing with a scarlet necklace. The combination with pastels, not tacky. But if we are uncertain it is better to opt for the classic. Hip Hop watches and décolleté give us a taste that does not go unnoticed. Besides the houndstooth, it blocks out the cold. When the season ends, we bring the boss in a laundry and let’s deal with specific products. Let us remember that the reason is not a print, but it is an interweaving of two yarns. Let us not forget in Cabinet gloves! At Christmas, let us go into a store. We buy what we lack in order to complete this style.