How to Make a Terrarium at Home

The terrariums are beautiful decorative objects and used by those who want a little (very little!) green corner, and cultivate a terrarium as a micro garden that can stay up on your nightstand.

It can be closed or opened. The closed ones are more used in schools to work topics related to ecosystems, and the open terrarium is more used as a decorative item, as well as the mini gardens, which can be for example of succulents, with the difference that the terrarium is in a container of glass (or other transparent material).

If you’ve seen one somewhere and he was willing to do in your home to make the environment more lively and pretty, we’ll teach you how to make a terrarium step by step, and if you intend to make a succulent garden, the process is not very different.

See the items you need to make the terrarium:

  • Vase or glass jar
  • Charcoal
  • Earth for plants
  • Gravel or aquarium stones and other decorative stones
  • Improvised tools with old spoons, toothpicks or something that serves as tweezers
  • Plants

The plants should be of the type that are always small, and may be succulent, small cacti or other species that you find. In the pot, you can place gravel or aquarium stones to aid in drainage. Then spoon over a little bit of charcoal and then add the earth ready for plants.

Now is the time to plant the plants you chose with the help of chopsticks or spoon. Place larger plants in the middle and the other distributed any way you want. When you’re done, drizzle a little bit and then place the gravel on top, now with only decorative function.

May be you want finish with some pebbles or decorative items that you think it’s cool. As the terrarium is opened, it is necessary to water a little. Once a week or two at most is enough.

Remember to put your terrarium in a location with good lighting or to get some sun occasionally. Plants need light.

Photos of Terrariums in Open Glass

To come up with ideas of how to decorate your terrarium, below is the gallery of pictures that have prepared for you with some pictures of terrariums and the video to help you make the terrarium step by step.

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