How to Lose Weight Fast

In a moment you go on vacation and you are desperate because cellulite is there, on your legs, and did not want to just disappear. We recently met with cynical The beauticianwho taught us that unfortunately cellulite depends on a malfunction of the microcirculation. Then starting from the assumption that the magic bullet does not exist, and unfortunately we are destined to do a little ‘peace with ourselves and our cellulite, there are last minute remedies to improve the situation just enough to wear the costume serenely.

Perdi fino a 5 cm in un’ora! Slim Me by BellaVera

I Slim is a bandage of volcanic salts combined with a specific gel belly or legs based on herbal ingredients. The body is completely bandaged and the treatment should be kept on for 50 minutes. What is it for? It is draining and then allows you to lose centimeters in risky areas such as belly, arms, thighs and rolls on his back. Together with liquids of stagnation also eliminates toxins resulting health effects.
A last minute remedy infallible and that will also have long-term results when used consistently…

Reduce your legs in a month – Wax Cupra Body Slimming Treatment

The fight against cellulite can have a deadline of 30 days with the cream for slimming massageCera di Cupra. The formula contains escin, Ivy and Centella asiatica extracts which exert a protective action on the microcirculation, extract of honey-acting soothing and Menthyl lactate to refreshing. A fresh cream and pleasant texture when in contact with skin quickly releases the active ingredients that abound: Caffeine, Organic Iodine Derived, Rusco extract and Carnitine. By massage exerts its slimming and draining action, also helping to firm up thighs and buttocks, to irresistibly sexy, slim legs.

Dai 2 to 10 cm in meno a seduta! Bioslimming by Nailevo

Bioslimming is a treatment based on essential oils and phyto-extracts and you can make the best benesseri centers and spas. It is extremely powerful and promises to deliver a loss of 2 to 10 cm as early as the first session. It is not recommended during pregnancy and is best done in the evening or late afternoon, because you should not expose to the sun for 12 hours. In short, it is ideal if you have little time before the dress rehearsal.


Another way to combat orange peel is to use the P’ANTICELL , or a particular shorts seamless realized with special and innovative yarn Emana, that is activated by body heat and produces beneficial effects for the skin, as improving its softness and elasticity. It is worn under clothing, do not you see, and offers a terrific silhouette. The slimming underwear is comfortable and practical. These can be purchased on QVC. Always the same line you will find leggings and tank tops! Try it, it is not difficult and the fabric is very comfortable!

Lose weight in a week with shorts – Lytess

Lytess is a slimming shorts to be worn normally under the classic clothing. Moving activates the millions of microcapsules anchored at the heart of the textile fibers, which release their active ingredients slimming all day to refine your silhouette. It produces three effects: burning, drainage and disposal thanks to the active substances forskolin, red seaweed, ginger and pink pepper. In 10 days you will be noticeably thinner.

Less than 16% of fat in 4 weeks – Advance Body Creator Super Slimming by Shiseido

Advance Body Creator Super Slimming is an anti-cellulite which reduces the fat layer by 16 percent in four weeks. The slimming technology is based on caffeine, hawthorn and poria cocos.How does it work? Breaks down fats, it burns them and prevents the build-up.
To make it more effective, follow the ritual in three steps: first you take a part of the product and is inspired by its texture with lemon fragrance to benefit from dell’aromacologia power, then spreads the cream on the affected areas and finally rubs few minutes, from the bottom upwards, to reactivate the circulation, and then the natural energies.

Slimming leggings: