How to Keep Your Makeup Kit Clean

One has the impression that the cheats do not fail ever, because they are artificial colors. But it seems that this is not the case. Could be a preferred, or eye makeup eye shadow, which never seems to end.

But, regardless of the product, is not eternal.First, you must observe the deadline beyond which the product must never be used. Then, each product has a deadline of their own, after opening.

How to store
Even if you know how to keep you away from a makeup mascara tube dry or fill a rose garden with a strange smell, you should be aware that some products fail more subtly. These products contain natural elements quite grown up, so I’m exposed to external agents. For this we have to be very careful to keep them closed.
It may be that you realized when you have forgotten in the car on a hot day like you are damaged, high or low temperatures contribute to dete, riorare the product. Check out rainbow makeup tips on

To avoid to keep these products in the bathroom because there’s humidity and temperature fluctuations can oxidize products. Like an Apple that darkens when taking air and lose its nutritional properties also your cosmetic bag cosmetics loses its quality.
To protect your tricks over time is better to buy products with preservatives, however in this case, contain less natural elements.
Now let’s see how you maintain if they are well preserved.

Pencils and concealers
You can use a year. Whether they are used to cover acne, they are easily attacked by bacteria and it is recommended that periodic cleaning of a layer with a clean towel.

The rule is that any liquid product especially for the eyes you must throw after 3 months because there is direct contact with the eyes and the brush and easily attacked by bacteria. Not to worry because the 90% of women are using this product for much longer than recommended.

Foundation and powder
Few among us we are dedicated to the cleaning of the brush of the face, better think twice because they can be easily attacked by microbes. The sponges are changed weekly, brushes washed often and the Foundation and powder changed to maximum 6 months.

The high water content of the moisturizing products are more prone to bacteria, which grow best in a moist environment. For this reason it is preferable to take from 3 up to 6 months.

Eye shadows
For a low content of liquids can withstand up to 2 years, without alteration.

Lipstick and lip lights.
For their creamy and wet are easily attacked by bacteria, especially the lights from his lips. If you’ve used a lipstick with herpes or a dermatological problem pertaining to the lips, you need to throw the product.

Do not share cosmetics!
If a friend asks insistently some product and better to give it away, so it’s safer.