How to Keep Children’s Room Tidy and Organized

Keep the children’s room tidy is a real challenge. Toys on the floor, clothes under the bed, shoes on the way and untidy school supplies are some of the brands of children’s bedrooms. Children may be small in stature, but know very well how to provoke a beautiful clutter!

Adopting some simple steps can keep the corner of the small always in order. Check out our tips and make this dream a reality in your home!

  1. Begin by setting a good example

Education for the organization begins early, because children learn more by example than by words. Try to be organized, keep their own things in order and make your kids mirror you. After all, it is somewhat difficult to stipulate organizational rules when you’re a slob!

  1. Turn organizing boxes allied

To tidy up toys and prevent them from getting scattered around the room, use and abuse of organizing boxes. In this case, you can choose the larger and transparent versions because they store more objects at the same time that facilitate its location and do not compromise the aesthetics of the room. There are several models available in the market.

  1. Keep the shoes in appropriate locations

Avoid peers and more pairs of shoes scattered on the ground or piled up anyway in the closet. To prevent this, the ideal is to provide shoe racks or closet organizers. No more tripping over a foot scuff here and kick the other shoe there!

  1. Abuse of niches and shelves

If you want to organize the room and decorate it simultaneously bet on shelves and children’s niches. These elements are functional and help in optimization of space, facilitating chenille storage, toys, books and more. Remember that items that children use frequently should be more accessible, while the least used objects can stay in high places.

  1. Delete the most excesses

Many children’s rooms are messy because they are overloaded with useless things, like broken toys or clothes that the child no longer uses. Therefore, separate what needs to be fixed, donate that are in good condition, discard what does not pay more, recycle what is reusable and store the spare items in other environments, leaving only the essentials in the room.

  1. Engage the kids in the organization

Try to include children in the arrangement of the house, while respecting, of course, the age of the small. Children can join the toys after playing, while larger organize the toys, they can make their own bed, take care of school materials, take the glasses used for the sink, among other tasks appropriate for their age.

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