How to Have Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

All of us want to have longer and thicker eyelashes that give intensity and a seductive doses of mystery to the look. However, not all girls are lucky enough to have long eyelashes and resistant to “tons” of mascara in a natural way, so the make-up artists and specialists in the field of beauty were forced to invent ways that “help” the lashes to emerge from anonymity.

From mascara until Special brushes, Eyelash extensions for up a cure for longer eyelashes, we have for you the tricks ideals!
For lashes curve: the eyelash curler looks a bit threatening, though the effect is worth the few seconds of “angst”! It’s important to use it before applying mascara on the eyelashes, because it loads them and makes them slightly cassanti-and use it only for special occasions. In regards to the device right, we recommend choosing one with tongs, plastic, not metal (with time comes to act like a blade on the eyelashes weakened). The shape of scissors and not recommended: and better than the eyelash curler shares through a sliding by on down one of the pincers.
For well defined lashes: choose a mascara with a lightweight, whose composition effect and concentrate strictly to the definition. The products you also promise stretching–and many other fantastic benefits all together, we can disappoint. Transparent mascara might work wonders for your eyes!
Healthy eyelashes: If are fragile, a little more than you expect, or fall, your eyelashes are in need of a cure to regenerate! Try regenerating gel for eyebrows and eyelashes of Ecrinal. If you’re not accustomed to always remove your make, do not use water resistant mascara: you upload your own lashes, hastening deterioration.
For volume: “full” appearance can be amplified by applying a little translucent powder on the eyelashes (with a small brush and fine) before the last layer of mascara.
The application of false eyelashes (see tips on make-up specialists say that the ideal length of lashes for any woman with a third more natural length. If applied correctly, can be glued even a week. If you’ve tried to put them on my own and didn’t turn out very well for the first time, you can cover the imperfections with a eye DEFINER. After you have mesa eyelashes is not longer needed and not nor indicated using for bend – the lashes are destroyed more quickly.
Eyelash extension: are prettier and resist much longer eyelashes. (up to a month without being consumed and without being affected by the make-up or from tears)-but they can only be applied to a specialist, in a cosmetic studio. To see if you are right, you apply the beautician some wires in the corners of the eyes–if you like the effect continues, making sure the beautician takes into account the shape of your eyes. After applying you must be more careful when you strucchi biscuits: remove every trace of eye DEFINER pencil or with the help of a cotton swab.