How to Create a Wall Clock

Sometimes you may want to create an original and unique watch, entirely handmade. By reading this tutorial you can have the correct directions and useful tips on how you can make a wall clock with numbers painted by hand. Also, making scratches with sandpaper and using colors to oil bitumen you can give the impression that it is a very old clock. Its realization is not difficult, but to get a good result requires a bit of patience.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • plywood circle diam 36, tracing paper with drawing hours, two hands with watches, ivory, green, umber, red, yellow, purple, medium time-lag, candle spherical, flat brushes and paint, decoupage paper with flowers, water-based varnish, flating

At the beginning you have to choose a solid piece of plywood; It serves to create the facade of the antique clock from Then you have to paint the quadrant with irregular strokes. The colors should be bright; It is advisable to mix the Brown, red and yellow. Logically you can choose any type and coloring technique. At this point we need to let it dry and rub candle wax on the entire surface untidily. Then, you must cover the square with the ivory color and you have to draw a 1.5 cm wide ring that must be painted green (or any other color to customize your watch).

Now you have to take the sheet with the hours and rub the soft pencil on the back of the numbers; This way you make ricalcabili. Afterwards you have to place the sheet on the dial and you have to go over each number with a pencil; in doing so they can reproduce the hours on the face of plywood. Now, with a hard brush and black acrylic paint must be thin, using a coloring and then you let it dry.

At this point you have to scratch the dial with the coarse sandpaper, crop the subject of paper and glue it on the dial. Using a rubber roller you must press firmly to remove any air bubbles. Afterwards you have to dilute the color with a few drops of medium time-lag and deglaze with a foam sponge dry. Then, you have to grow old with bitumen oil color. After 48 hours, color giving multiple coats of water-based varnish and 2 coats of flatting. After you have sanded you rub the wax with steel wool # 000. Now you have to make a hole in the center of the dial and enter the mechanism with the hands. The wall clock is ready and you can hang it in the room. With this technique you can create many objects, all with different players.