How To Color a White T-Shirt

We will definitely happen at least once, you want to buy a new piece of clothing, but not being able to find exactly what we wanted, or, after you lost a lot of time to research, its cost is too high. In such cases we will try to achieve with our hands all most garments that we prefer so that you can customize to our liking making them unique and different than those sold in stores. To do so, especially if we are beginners in this area, we will try to follow all the directions contained within the many guides available on the internet, we will explain all the techniques that we apply in order to realize all the clothes we need. In the next steps of this guide, in particular, we will see how do to be able to color a white t-shirt in the style of ‘ 70 tie-dye.

First we put our shirt with great care on a very flat surface such as a table or on a working basis, and begin to shape the creases from the bottom of our t-shirts and we continue to do this until we got to the part of the neck. Right after we take the Twine and have two nodes to stop our fold near the neck, obviously being a very personal thing and our full creativity and imagination, therefore, we recommend the nodes on the sides of the neck of our shirt, so you have a similar shape to a Wiener.

Finished step 1 fill a medium to large bowl with the dye for fabrics and we leave in our t-shirts for about 1 hour. Then we take and we wear our plastic gloves and plunge your hands into the bowl, we take our shirt and begin to lift and squeeze it always with great delicacy, melt the knots made with string, and let’s lay her out. This is a quick and easy method to make shades on our shirt with two vertical lines.

In order to form a spiral on our T shirt on, let’s lay her out again on a table and pizzichiamola gently with your hands in the Middle, we make a quick twist in such a way as to fully and curling, schedule it with string, so that the spiral curl remains motionless. Then immergiamola back into the basin with dye for fabric, in this way we will have a spiral of one color or monochrome, instead to make our most immergiamone color t-shirt each part in a tincture for different colored fabric so we will have a mesh of various colors that definitely once worn will not go into the background.