How to Clean the Glass of Watch

When our favorite among the watches that we guard it carefully you will damage or scratches is always a great pity. With a small bump it may happen that the watch glass splintering, scratch or ruin it. Not always, though, you need to replace the glass or throw out the old clock with resignation. You can, in a few simple steps and easily renew the glass of the clocks in the House, with our own hands. Here is a guide to learn how to renew the glass of our favorite watches.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Birch sawdust (or compound)
  • Polish
  • cotton wool balls

To start the simple operation and renew the damaged or chipped glass of our watches, we take a small amount of Birch sawdust and misceliamola with a bit of rubbing compound, so that the texture is soft like a custard. With your fingers, apply the mixture on the glass of the watches and we rub the dough vigorously over the surface until the dough itself gets quite tough and dry. It will take only few minutes. Use gloves to protect your fingers when doing this first operation.

Now that you have removed the signs of chipping from the glass, we proceed by rinsing thoroughly under running lukewarm water glass, to completely eliminate the residues of the product that we used. Watch glasses on which we applied the paste must be perfectly clean and dry for the next phase, which will serve to Polish and protect the glass for a long time for an Omega watch (see reviews on

At this point we take a small WAD of cotton wool soaked in polish. The polish is a compound similar to abrasive paste, but finer texture. The polish will make more polished glass that we’ve covered since the previous operation with abrasive paste has erased the marks of chipping but decreased the luminosity of the glass of our watches. We make up for that: we vigorously the cotton wool with the polish on the glass for about one or two minutes. It will just take a little patience, but this is the last step of our work to renew the damaged glass of our watches! After crossing the polish for a couple of minutes, with a clean cotton swab again we remove residues of polish from the glass by rubbing a little longer. Just a few seconds. Here’s the result on the glass is very similar to the professional who carries out work, usually, a technician!


Never forget:

  • This is a useful procedure to any type of opaque glass!