How to Choose Skinny Jeans for Guys

To be slim barrel, there are a few rules to follow when choosing his jeans.

The skinny jeans are not for women! It can easily go to men, at least those who know how to choose correctly.

Learn to choose slim jeans when you’re a man, it’s a little touchy. Not feasible course, but more complex than other models of jeans.Why? Because it is a piece that requires no investment in terms of bad style: even if we found a perfectly slim cut, we must build a genuine look to wear it with class.

The bottom of the microscope slim

It is very important to focus on overall cut of jeans, especially the bottom. Whatever our physical, skinny jeans for men is never supposed to tighten our ankles . It’s the least manly thing possible and in addition, that cup the rest of the leg. If we found THE perfect slim, but he has the misfortune to be a bit limited at this level, we take the advantage of roulotter the history of the illusion that we have not compressed ankles. It gives a fairly cool style, a rock hit with a white marcel loose and a perfecto, suddenly hipster with a jacquard sweater and desert boots. Frankly, it is not complicated to manage, but it always reminds us that slim is not to be “skinny”. Once we fixed the problem ankles, we realize that we no longer have to worry about the length of the pants. In fact, the cut and the opportunity we can opt for a model that leaves the ankle or the apparent socks or, conversely, play the classic card with a slim descending on the shoes.

At what level should be the size?

For those who are part of the ass class , we must ensure to give the impression that a diaper slightly more plump. It involves choosing slim jeans normal size, especially not low! Going back a little in size, without the glue under the armpits either eh, it creates the illusion of a little more present buttocks without mentioning that they are definitely too flat. Just above the hips, it is, above is enough.

The guys who naturally curved buttocks , especially the sport of us, avoid pants that include full and mold. It can be very feminine and it is a gamble when you wear an already tight pants. So the buttocks shaped will focus on normal sizes, adapted to their morphology, which will reduce the volume a bit without the coup of “SIF” (cleft) … In fact, only the guys who have not or flat buttocks or very rounded can venture in the field slims low cuts and high .

When is it too tight?

Unlike women, for the slim man should in any case be tight. If our pants like a sticky is that we went too far in delirium. Without going overboard way second skin, taken to the extreme, there are several levels of tight jeans from
For a guy, slim is too tight when we distinguish what one does not really want to see . Ok for buttocks highlighted that go in our favor. However, it is beyond question that the zipper pulls to death in high voltage mode. If one looks to crack our pants, and we saw guys like that, is that you take a size up or change squarely cut. That goes for the size and groin but also for thighs. When one has the muscular legs, a slim should not wear totally Fitte otherwise it’s ridiculous fast.

More than jeans, an attitude

Skinny jeans returns a strong image, so you have the right attitude if you do not want to spend a loser with our pants close to the body. This is not because a door fitted jeans we have to keep our manhood in the closet. Instead, we must assume that it is associated with marked styles, because it is a special garment rockers and hipsters, as was said above. Some men from the hip-hop scene, as A $ ap Rocky, the fully share in the looks that send heavy.

The best is just to learn from some stars who wear impeccably slim. These guys swear by this kind of pants and the girls love their pace: the case of Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon Five, or Harry Styles, star of One Direction. Other guys before them have done a must slim jeans for men like Lenny Kravitz or Ryan Gosling.

Imitate the best

When we take example on the looks of stars, take the figures as a whole. Concretely, what works with the style of Adam Levine, the slim black associate good belts, leather jackets and possibly imposing metal rings. He built a rebellious guy style that sticks to the skin and gives it credibility even with narrow pants.

In the case of Harry Styles, we share the same rock base and added with vintage references to English. The chelsea boots and printed shirts work well with skinny jeans. Lenny Kravitz, skinny jeans became, with the leather pants, a centerpiece of his handsome wardrobe. He grants her tight jeans with chambray shirts for your effect on tone, when he does not choose a sweater in lightweight mesh. This allows not bad stylistic diversity and it works every time.

You do not buy skinny jeans like buying a regular, thinking it will go with everything. But the slim can become your base if you have the saps that go with and represent your own style. Basically, when seeking to draw stars, better to take the time to inspect a full look rather than rushing headlong on skinny jeans you will not know match with our clothes.

In a word, allowed the second skin for our friend and we still focus on good quality jeans , with impeccable maintenance that make us a great ass. No more complicated than that!