How to Choose Screwdrivers for Home Use

Understand how to choose screwdrivers

Three aspects should be taken into consideration before you buy your screwdriver: application (wood, metal, masonry or concrete), type of use (professional or “hobbyist”) and usage time (how many hours the machine will be connected).Power rating

The screwdrivers of 3.5 volts are suitable for light duty as press box making and maintaining of computer keyboards. The 4.8 volts used to make maintenance on appliances and tightenings of up to 6 mm. The spindles of 9.6 volts can be used wood and metal with 10 mm drill capacity and 8 mm bolts. They can also be used in furniture assembly and installation of shelves. 12 volt models should be used in wood, metal, masonry and drywall. The screwers of 14.4 volts and 18 volts may or may not impact, which serves to facilitate drilling in concrete and masonry

All screwdrivers have torque control – a mechanism aimed at regulating screw application force. It prevents the tip breaks or damage and relieves physical exertion.   Most models use the lithium ion batteries and nickel cadmium. The first recharge faster (15 to 20 minutes) and have no memory effect, meaning you do not have to wait for it to recharge completely. Meanwhile, the latter require 6 to 8 hours to recharge.


To use your screwdriver, you’ll need the bits which are the working tip, drills and also lubricant to assist in metal drilling. And do not forget to protect yourself by using PPE as glasses, hearing protection and gloves.

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