How to Choose Leather Leggings

Today I will show you three of my mispurchases and tips on how you avoid a bad buy.


Leather leggings, sneakers Wedges or thick fur jackets are not made ​​for each. I myself wanted a year ago reflect this Isabel Marant wedges have and who has not worn them in the end? I! They simply did not to me. Perhaps it was also because of the color that was beige. Even a faux leather leggings I have at home. Had to be somehow grad was in, but who does not wear? I, of course. These are two of my ever mispurchases that I could have prevented. The question is: Fits this trend to me? Can I identify myself with it? And I feel comfortable with my legs in leather leggings? The answer was definitely no. From this I have definitely learned.


The seat is mega important. The part looks great, beautiful color, which also perfectly fits you. But somehow you come with the cut deal not? It may be a bit too small or something big? Then let prefer hanging. It simply is not worth it. Tweaks it somewhere or scratched, you will attract it never.


At H & M saw a great blouse? They fit and has exceptional layed? Well, since I am already willing to buy, but then is a look at the material. Plastic, 100% polyester and not the good polyester. Rather, the very poor. Let it hang. Not worth. Such blouse I foolishly bought already often and who has never at? Well I! Because with such a bad material I tend to sweat it. Not much, but it is unpleasant. Especially in humid weather. That certainly knows one or the other. Investing animal but rather in a beautiful silk blouse. More expensive, but so much better. Your skin can breathe, will thank you.


usually is the ultimate. You come out of the dressing and are not sure? You likely back and forth, really, check it well and hey… 15 €. Since you can not go wrong but you? But I tell you, you can. For € 15 are still too much if you do not wear the part.The best moment is yet to come out of the cabin and thinking, “YES! Just mine. “-You are happy, you looking forward to it.We want it and not argue with himself. If you already must reinreden in part a saleswoman / mother / girlfriend, it’s the wrong thing. Believe me, the tip saves some money and cabinet bodies. I had to learn expensive.


I z. B. as a sportive dressed woman, like casual, there is no top shell should buy leggings in EMILYLEGGINGS. Because it’s just not right for me and my wardrobe. But of course there are also the elegant type. To this woman just suit any sneaker. Then see that new parts somehow fit into your wardrobe, even in color. How can you combine it, and can you imagine in the cabin already how you will attract it and when?


Many stores have a two- to four-week return period. I’ve made it my goal, all newly purchased that I do not wear within 2 weeks to return. Because usually I wear new things at once, because I’ve fallen and can never wait. When I wear not, then I’ll probably they never wear the stuff whole two weeks.