How to Choose Home Appliances

Home appliances need to be installed in every room and can be 10 and 20 amperes. Check out the tips and take advantage of our unbeatable prices.

Plan all the details of the construction means having fewer headaches in the future, as forgetfulness or lack of planning any stage of the work may result in unnecessary reforms and expenditures. Among the various stages, design installation of outlets deserves attention.

Your rooms require the installation of the home appliances. Ideally all environments receive the shots. Moreover, you need to study one or more points on different walls. In the rooms and the four, you may need to connect TVs, DVDs or lampshades simultaneously.

In the kitchen and laundry area, appliances such as microwave, refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer are generally connected at the same time. Think about it!

Another point of attention is the type of jack. There are models of 10 and 20 amperes. The most common consumer electronics such as TVs, DVDs and mixer, use the version of 10 amperes. Devices that require more power for its operation, such as microwave and refrigerator must be plugged into sockets 20 amperes. The size of the holes of the product changes, as its power. Outlets 10 amperes have smaller diameter, compared to the versions of 20 amperes.

Attention to the details

Details are important when choosing. So consider some features, such as the appliance type (whether it is for residential or industrial), color and design.

Child care

If there are children in your home, it is important to acquire the outlet protector to ensure the security of your kids.

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