How to Choose Electric Planer

The planer is a cutting power tool used for chopping, flattening or take irregularities and roughness of the wood.

Normally they are used in carpentry for leveling and determining the density of parts for manufacturing. It requires a lot of attention to finish the job, because once you turn off the machine, the blade will continue to run for a while.

Depending on your style, the planer can do  from a coarse buffing of a sawn piece to the final sanding.

Types planers

Electric planer: as a sander, they treat the wood surface in a different way. They have two rotating blades and eliminate waste and fixes. Some models have suction adapters, although will not interfere with the work;

Shim planer: also called shim or finishing, is the most common type of planer. There are rectangular or rounded designs. It serves to equalize the surface of small pieces of wood, such as drawer corner, preparing them for sanding;

Planers: there are planers with all metal body, equipped with handles in wood and plastic. Iron and iron counter are kept under pressure by a support and regulated by an adjusting screw or lever. The advantage of this planer model is that they can be accurately adjusted.


Square: it is essential to outline the cuts ​​in wood;

Ruler: a long ruler and straight serves to control the flat surfaces of larger dimensions;

Bench: it must be stable to perform heavy or delicate work;

Guide: is advisable to use a guide to flatten straight surfaces;

Lathe: is a heavy tool that can be fixed on a bench;

Staples: are indispensable to secure the pieces correctly to work on the bench or assist in assemblies;

Wooden mallet: are used only to exert more force on the chisel;

Gloves and goggles: wear gloves and safety goggles to protect against splinters and chips;


It is necessary to remove nails, staples or resin stains in wood, because the nodes of thin plates is dangerous if discolor and loose. To prevent this, moisten the earlier and flatten the outside to the center. It is more effective to connect the planer to a vacuum cleaner with an adapter.

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