How to Choose a Bra

Trash, full coverage, push up… not always easy to find the BRA form adapted to his chest. What to know about every bra to make the right choice.

In lingerie, there is not necessarily rules to follow. Our breast size is not only to define the type of bra it is more appropriate to wear. Indeed, what counts above all, it is the effect you want to bring to his chest. Sought a plunging neckline, the comfort, to support a small chest or closer to the breasts of the other… just know the role of the main bra.

The bra basket, characterized by its semi-fitting shape, offers a pretty neckline and over a high retention of the chest.It fits all the breasts, including the most generous cups as E, F or G. Easily wear under any circumstances.

The balconette bra enhances the chest. Its vertical seamsgive a round, high chest and offers a plunge neckline. It is better not to wear this model on a daily basis when you have a generous bust: the absence of rebar can make it uncomfortable. Then reserved for a hot date.

The push-up Bra, thanks to a fine foam lining and removable pads, offers a deeply sexy cleavage. It increases the curve of the chest and refocuses the breasts together to the other. Ideal under a notched dress.

The triangle bra is light and simple. Very much in vogue at the moment, it is for rather small breasts (find It can be filled or no frame and offers a natural, rather discreet cleavage even. We chose the daily cotton and lace for more sensuality.

The t-shirt bra bra creates a round and natural chest since it completely the shape of our breasts. Its thin shells and smooth material that makes up the make invisible under clothing. This bra is very comfortable and offer good support to the chest. Perfect under a shirt flannel, for example.

The BRA Underwire envelops and fit perfectly the breasts. He is and gives of the curve in the chest that can sag over the years. Strengthened at the level of the armholes, this bra provides excellent support. The best ally of the breasts in need of tone.