How to Buy a Gas Hot Water Heater

Learn about the types of gas passage of water heaters and learn to make the best choice!

Before buying your heater, it is important to check the installation site and the type of pipe. Also, check the type of gas that supplies his home and water pressure.
Natural exhaustion:  these heaters need a larger pipeline. Present outputs ranging of 8 liters to 22 liters per minute. Being a more limited device, they can not be used in apartments located above the third floor. This model is ideal for the cottage and vacation.

Exhaustion: these heaters have a fan that forces the removal of C02. They have thinner pipelines, but require the presence of electricity. This type of passage heater is more compact and modern but can not be used in homes that receive water straight from the street. It has powers ranging from 8 liters to 43 liters per minute.
for installing the unit, you need to purchase accessories such as flexible water intake, flexible to gas inlet, record gas and flexible for hot water outlet. The CO2 output will be needed to outlet duct, which is outside the house or apartment.

And attention … 
– In homes and buildings, pressurizers water are needed because the water pressure is not sufficient to meet the heater passage
– Pay attention to the flow of water in your shower. The greater the flow you need, the greater power of your heater is.

– If you want to use more than two bathing spots at the same time, it is necessary that the heater is at least 32 liters for showers with a flow rate of up to 10 liters.

– Do not indicate the installation of the product by persons who are not accredited by the brand.

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