How to Adjust Bike Rollers

Train with your bike during the winter is, for obvious reasons, complicated. You have to get to grips with the weather, with visibility reduced, with the worst conditions of the road surface, and there is also to be remembered that there are fewer hours of daylight available.

Figuring out how to fix the bike on the reels you must consider several factors: the type of use that you will decide to do, the frequency and
intensity of the workout and, not least, the budget and the available space in the House.

It is assumed that by mounting the rear wheel on the reels you create a vertical drop that leaves the front wheel lifted slightly. To work around this problem and restore proper alignment of the bike you must mount an upside on which to place the bike in the front. You must avoid impromptu media (such as books, or personal files documents or otherwise) because the vibrations would shift. It is very important to carefully choose the most appropriate type of rollers to workout that you intend to do.

There are mainly three types of rollers, which in turn depend on the type of brake. The hydraulic brake rollers with the flywheel inside surrounded by changing oil by density depending on the temperature. Then there are the rollers with magnetic brake, inside which are magnets, with which you can adjust the resistance to rotation. Finally the free roller (also called classic), the latter have three points of support, without fixing. The bike wobbles (as in road) and is kept in balance by pedaling.

The choice of rollers depends on the type of workout and use you want to do with it. Free rolls, for example, increase the ability to improve and maintain balance, but are more difficult for those who are starting out. While the rollers with brakes are best suited for those who wish to train to develop muscular power and explosive. It is important to assess other aspects, seemingly trivial, such as bike lights, ease of Assembly (disassembly), noise. All questions to assess how to best use the rollers at home.

Training with rolls the speed and shooting are important but not crucial, speed remains virtual and simulated anyway; determined simply by the mix between the relationship and the setting of the rollers. In any case you should match your workout on a good heart rate monitor.