Homemade Pregnancy Tests: Are They Reliable?

No guarantee of effectiveness, they work more generally to reduce the anxiety of women

There are women who are eagerly awaiting confirmation that really are expecting a baby, especially when you are trying to get pregnant for a long time. Many others, however, are taken by surprise with the possibility of being pregnant-sometimes because I have other children or, simply, why not consider the ideal time for the arrival of a new Member in the family.

But, regardless of what are the wishes and plans of the family, it is a fact that the doubt about being or not being pregnant lets any woman beyond excited! Just one day of delay in menstruation or any symptoms different to that 1000 ideas come to mind.

Which is exactly why many women end up using homemade pregnancy tests in order to put an end to your questions as soon as possible.

On the internet it is possible to find a few recipes that promise to confirm or not the pregnancy. Of course, there is no scientific evidence and not guarantee efficacy, but some people really believe they can help.

Below you can see what are the homemade pregnancy tests, as well as a medical opinion about them and testimonials from women who have gambled on these recipes.

  1. Boil Urine Test

The woman should boil urine in an aluminum container and then observe: If the urine boil similar to milk-it “up” and form a “cream” – type, the result is positive. If the boil is similar to water – no “up” and just be bubbling-, the result is negative.

  1. The Needle Test

The woman should urinate into a container and put a needle inside it. Then, it is necessary to close the container and wait for 8 hours. A tip to control anxiety is getting tested before bed and observe the result the next day. If the needle change color, the result is positive.

  1. Test The Bleach

The woman should urinate into a container and add bleach. If the urine change color or effervesce, the result is positive. Otherwise, the result is negative.

  1. Chlorine Test

The woman must put urine in a disposable Cup and add chlorine. If she stays dark, the result is positive.If the mixture to keep the same color, possibly, the result is negative.

  1. Pine Oil Test

The woman should mix the urine with pine essential oil. If the mixture change of color, the result is positive.

It is worth noting that none of these tests has cited scientific proof. Many women confess, inclusive, are suspicious of the results that the homemade recipes can offer, however, in times of doubt and anxiety, some of them bet on these tips as a way to decrease, at least a little, your expectations.

Alessandra Bakayoko, gynecologist of the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, points out that, in fact, these homemade recipes can be considered more as “popular belief” than as reliable tests. “They serve (very well) to decrease anxiety, but cannot be considered reliable. False positives and false negatives are very frequent, “strengthens.

Women’s Testimonials About The Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Valeria f. Diehl, 28-year-old saleswoman, says that did a home pregnancy test after eight days late. “He had a positive result. I did three more tests of Pharmacy and they all came back negative; as well as the blood test. Soon after, my period came normal and had confirmation that really wasn’t pregnant. That is, to me the home test it didn’t work, “he says.

Jennifer Cristina Lopes, 23 years old, student, reports that made the needle test. “I just peed before sleeping in a transparent pot with lid and put a needle inside. The next day my pee was dark, which would represent a positive result. After I auditioned the boil, which also gave positive result. After the blood test, confirmed that she was pregnant. But I don’t know if it was coincidence or if homemade tests are really effective, “he says.

Katarina David, 30 years, Secretary, has also bet on homemade tests. “The first I did gave positive result. The second was negative. Kept in doubt. But, after a few more days, I went to my gynecologist and I had proof of what really was pregnant, “reports.

Pregnancy Tests Really Effective

As the homemade pregnancy tests offer no proof as to your effectiveness, many women don’t even consider the possibility of making them. They prefer to bet immediately called pharmacy tests. But I wonder if they are really reliable?

The gynaecologist Alessandra Bakayoko points out that they are reliable, especially if there are menstrual delay. “Prefers the first morning urine because it is more concentrated. But some tests are able to identify the same pregnancy hormone in urine throughout the day. If pregnancy is still very early, the sensitivity of the test is less than blood, so can come back negative and, in fact, the woman was pregnant. On the other hand, if it comes back positive, there’s not much doubt, really is pregnancy, “he says.

Have the blood test, explains gynecologist, is able to detect pregnancy up to 12 days after conception, i.e. until 2 days before menstrual delay. “The urine are more reliable from the day my period was late,” he adds.

With all this information, the tip is: If you have a positive result is obtained with the pharmacy (which has 99% efficiency) or even with the home pregnancy test (which has no proven efficacy), look for your Gynecologist that probably will ask for a blood test done at the lab. Confirming the pregnancy, he will prescribe all the exams, regularly monitor your health and the baby and pass all necessary information for this period.