Hiking Sleeping Bags

A duvet is like shoes. They are not used in Saharra, Mont Blanc or Greenland. Valandré very good quality but it is a shame they are no longer french = it delocalizes.

The Danish manager will keep part of the business in Belcaire (11) and will move part of the production abroad.
Valandré’s employees in Audois lacked a bit of enthusiasm during my last visit to the factory.

While in Gap I stopped at dizzy mountain and I just talked to the nice salesman who knew the site. And there, stupor: the Valandré duvets are different. Farewell Pertex quantum outdoors, farewell colors recognizable among all. Probably due to the relocation …

If you want to buy a bag “Made in France”, it is missed … Valandré finishes relocating in Tunisia and keeps only a symbolic portion in France (Chefferie, filling and “finishes”, enough to keep a label ” Made in france “). According to the interview of the [modo: no defamation please] chief, it is because they are not competitfs, but it also recognizes that it has no concurence … Maybe, but why not ALL deloclalize in Tunisia? There are also good chefs and salespersons there … And it will bring down the cost, will cost less in grants to the community (france, region, europe …). The Polish sleeping bags … draw your conclusions via http://www.bestfishingessentials.com/sleeping-bag-compression-bags/.

This is what the seller of vertige montagne in Gap told me: in fact according to him, Valandré would not have kept the license Pertex Quantum and other brands (Rab, Lestra, …) Would have taken back the license of use. Hence the color changes so as not to deceive the potential buyers and the complaints that may ensue afterwards.

Next, it is all about whether the new fabric used is better, worse or equivalent. In the same way it will be necessary to know if Valandré continues to use French down or the down of the countries of the east even of the Chinese down. Do they want to become more competitive or increase their margins? For me Valandré was up to now the best quality without any concession.

My personal opinion is that Valandré is in full restructuring with the relocation already mentioned here and that this summer begins a year of transition and they will see at Valandré if their products are still unanimous in the middle or if it is the beginning Of a programmed decline.
Ciao Valandré.