Have You Ever Heard of the Pod Closet?

Have you ever heard of the pod closet? What comes to mind when you think that expression? No, you won’t have to squeeze all your clothes in a closet the size of a capsule, although you feel that way at the moment, isn’t it?

What’s a Capsule?

It is a trend that has been growing a lot – a lot – in recent years. Basically, it is set a lean number of pieces for use during a period of time. The number varies greatly, however, most of the fans select between 30 and 40 items for a period of three months, which equals a season.

I confess that I found the idea absurd when I heard for the first time, about six months ago, after all, why I would reduce my wardrobe to a minimal number of parts if they are there, at my disposal at any moment? Wouldn’t it be a waste of resources to restrict myself to use only 30 and few items? The idea continued until early December ridiculous, when I found myself thinking of how many pieces of my wardrobe I really wore in a period of one year. Suddenly, the idea no longer seemed so absurd like that.

My feelings – positives – the concept of closet capsule intensified when I started packing for a winter season. I was thinking of combinations that could do with a limited number of parts that would allow me to travel with light luggage and perhaps bring some shopping there. In very little time, I realized I could live like this and that generated an enormous joy in my heart … is it that simplicity acting again?

It Works Right?

Don’t trust me, I’m a passionate young man whose eyes still shine in front of the love. Rely on Caroline, who created these wonderful combinations with only 37 items-including shoes. Trust in the Ruche, which was far beyond and created 30 looks with-amazingly-13 pieces! The secret lies in the choice: choose what you love and to use many times will make you happy. You won’t look like I’m using-the-same-clothes-for-a-week.

Why Create a Wardrobe Capsule?

If you still don’t believe me, you know that big names today have adopted – on purpose or not. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of facebook is among them. Want proof?

Now we’re the reasons why successful people has affinity with the pod closet (came from becoming minimalist blog, but the comments are mine):

  1. Reduce the number of decisions: If you have a lot to do during the day, the last thing you should do is spend time thinking about what to wear. President Barack Obama himself says use only blue or gray suits to worry about more important things than what to wear or what to eat. Makes perfect sense, right?
  2. Less waste of time: How many minutes a day do you spend deciding what to wear? And in the week? And the month?
  3. Less stress: My favorite! I’ve noticed that the stress level of choice’s look is directly proportional to the number of pieces in my closet. Fewer parts, less worries.
  4. Less wasted energy: A closet full demand energy not only in choosing the clothes, but also in time to organize, exchange place pieces, separate wash with what …Already a lean cabinet eases maintenance.
  5. Sense of being combining: A closet good thinking has on average 5 combinations of tops (shirts, t-shirts, jackets, blasers) for each bottom (pants, skirts, shorts). Better still if the number of combinations is greater.
  6. Iconic: People who dress according to a default — although not the same every day-pass feeling of stability and confidence. Is a way to show your personality and be the protagonist of the story.
  7. Less money: Assemble a wardrobe capsule means shop every three months – and only the necessary. Ever thought about buying a piece of high quality with the ‘ exchanged ‘ saved throughout a season of abstinence?
  8. More peace: Imagine a wardrobe where all serve and appreciate you. This is peace in time to get dressed. After a ‘ shopping ‘ diet, Drew Barrymore says have a wardrobe are and happy. Great feeling.

Have reduced resources still forces you to exercise creativity and create combinations never imagined. If creativity is like a muscle, after a time the task should become easier and enjoyable.