Handles and Locks for Doors

Doors’ handles are available in different models

Opens, closes. Closes, opens. The door handles, over time, become worn and it is inevitable that impair the beauty of the door. Replace these parts, often used in models of sliding and pivoting means to renew the entire environment, since the accessories are also part of the decoration of the space.

Your taste will determine the ideal accessory: analyze if the part design combines with the door and choose the handle or ball types. If they live the elderly or disabled people at home, the ideal is to get the first model to be higher. You can also choose to handles with single handle and double, with different materials and finishes.

The stainless steel model has resistance against corrosion and abrasion. Why not rust, it can be installed outdoors of coastal homes. If you choose the aluminum handle, know that this is a product that requires little maintenance and is weather resistant. Another great choice is the accessory in zamac (mixture of aluminum, zinc, copper and magnesium), corrosion resistant material, tensile, shock and wear.

Easy cleaning of the door handle

You will need only a clean cloth and moistened it with water and mild soap to clean your handle. Then dry it with a clean, dry cloth. The cleaning frequency varies with the use. It is recommended not to use sponge or other products such as alcohol, since your accessory may get stained or scratched. If the installation is done in areas with salty air, the handle should be cleaned at least every four weeks as the salt buildup can reduce the durability of the accessory.

Did you know?

The handles usually have one or two holes. Before buying the piece, you need to consider the distance between the holes – just to use the same pattern existing in the door.

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